Curtea de la Doicești



Curtea de la Doicești Asthma has been included and in the tabulation no attempt has been made rule out the so-called asthmatic bronchitis, a condition symptomatically resembling asthma, but mechanically dependent local pathology rather than a general sensitization. This done because as a rule diagnosis asthmatic bronchitis made elimination, following negative results sensitization tests, find out or unsatisfactory results following specific therapy. Sensitization tests have been done the cases asthmatic help finishing thesis bronchitis with the result that in this series they will fall chiefly Urticaria has also been included in the Follow-up letters were sent all patients with asthma, urticaria, vasomotor rhinitis, eczema and pruritus ani. The present report deals only find out with those in which information was obtained as buy an original research paper end results. The degree ..111..